Man in a boat rowing drawing + other boat and sea illustrations

Today’s drawing is a man in a boat out on a calm sea, rowing somewhere

And to put him into perspective I’ve added a few other drawings of people out on sea. (and one polar bear for variation)

man in a rowboat

Illustration keywords: ocean, sea, rowing, boat, rowboat, ambition, journey, quest, transportation, loneliness, work, ship, image, metaphor, gallery

Related images of rowing boats:

just another day at the office? could be this situation
Rowing the boat across to a different place
Society of boats
homesick out on sea
Under the surface at sea
Team at sea
boat in the wind
academics out rowing
Man that haven’t noticed he is out on open sea
Animal out on sea
Place out on sea
Whale fishing out on sea
Leaving the boat out on sea
Bottle people out on sea
Small boat, big fish out on sea
quitting out on open sea
Sinking boat out on sea
Child in little boat out on sea of time
out on his umbrella on open sea

All metaphor drawings by Frits Ahlefeldt,

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