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Sitting Troll illustration

Illustration: Storytelling from the trails can include encounters with giants

The Ugly Duckling illustration

Logbook illustration of the ugly duckling The Ugly Duckling – A Storytelling archetype Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt The Ugly Duckling is an old story by the Danish writer H.C. Andersen, about a small swan duckling, that ends up… Continue Reading →

Wildcrafting Watercolor

Logbook note: Ancient medicine plants still survive many places in the landscapes where earlier cultures used to grow them… Before industrial farming took over

Hiking around Bornholm Coast trail

Logbook – Four days of hiking the Bornholm coast trail in the Baltic Sea 120 km. / 71 Miles

Peregrine falcon in suit watercolor

Peregrine Falcon in a suit, new member of my Animals in suits Watercolor collection

Ancient stone carvings impressions watercolor

Watercolor impression of 3500 years old rock carvings on the small island of Bornholm – research about the coast trail around the island

Bornholm coast trail research sketch

Watercolor sketch Bornholm Hiking

Change is overrated says Chameleon

Watercolor of Green Chameleon a bit skeptical about all this talk about change

Earth day – Why we are here

Drawing of Mother Earth reaching out to stressed businessman – Someone needs a hug drawing in texted and non-texted version

Tribal Snail Watercolors

Three Tribal Snails

Three Elephant watercolors

Just painted three new watercolors of elephants

Day painting owls

Two watercolors of owls from today – Paper size approx. 40×29.5 cm. ( to fit frames at 30x40cm / 11 3/4 x15 3/4 inch )

Walking past abandoned house

Ink sketch of an old abandoned house by the sea

cheer day

Live sketching under cheerleader event

Nature hiker girl with traditional head wear with feathers

Watercolor research sketch of Girl with head wear inspired by Nature people

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