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Walking away from digital personal assistants

Drawing up thoughts on our relationship with technology and hiking

Circular storytelling – sketching up a theory

My ideas about how we (can) tell stories in circular ways

18 of my sphere paintings up

Logbook 22. Sep. – Now 18 of my paintings on Rice paper lamps up here ( link)

Painting spheres for the clouds

Logbook 14. Sep. Painting on rice paper and publishing in bits

Penguins in ice Submarine Sphere Painting

Logbook 4. September 2018 – Rice paper lamp painting ( #009 ) about a group of penguins heading north as the ice melts

Not all sharks are alike Sphere Painting

Logbook 3. September 2018, Sketching sharks with different attitudes up on a cheap Ikea Rice paper lamp

Fish Eats Fish Eats Fish Rice Paper Lamp Painting

Logbook 2. September 2018 – Drawing up the Never ending story on Sphere formed canvas

Drawing Fish on a lamp

Logbook 1. September 2018. Hand drawing fish on a rice paper lamp

Temple of trees illustration

Logbook 23. Aug. ink illustration of a Greek temple looking group of trees, with hikers

Our steps define us more than our thoughts philosophy

Logbook 29. June 2018 – Love the simple logic of how the steps we take defines where we go

Sad Rhino Man Watercolor

Rhino man – part of my watercolor collection animals in clothes

Emu Man Watercolor

Watercolor of an Street-wise Emu bird – part of my animals in clothes watercolor collection

Platypus man Watercolor

Platypus man, part of my watercolor collection, animals in clothes

Kingfisher Man Watercolor

Watercolor of a Kingfisher bird in clothing – part of my animals in Clothes collection

Kangaroo Man Watercolor

Watercolor portrait of a kangaroo – part of my animals in clothes collection

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