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Arrow man with many targets

21. March 2019 – Drawing up ways to understand goals and targets

Paradox of cars and climate change

Logbook 15 March – The worse and more extreme the weather becomes… The more people wants to stay in their cars

From Warrior to SelfieMan

Thoughts on how we went from spear throwing warriors, over self-sheltering businessmen, to become the modern Selfie taking man

Home Sweet Story

8. March, 2019 I wonder if a home is much more than a house and a place… Things like a relationship, a feeling, a time, a trail… and a story. A story we follow in all we do, both day and night.

Walking from cars to phones to ?

7. March – If we move from fueling our cars, to fuel our phones instead, and continue on foot, it could be a good thing both for us and the environment

Climate Change vs business as usual

6. March 2019 – The approaching sea level rise, with walls of water heading for our cities is so scary that most of us simply ignore it

Senior Nomads on self driving suitcases

5. March 2019 – Simple living is one of the things that can help us reduce our impact on the planet

In the hand of Artificial Intelligence

4. March 2019 More and more of our decisions are based on data collected, stored and analyzed, not by humans, but by computers

Driving beside kids that rather walk

3. March 2019 As parents we often drive our kids to what-ever and where-ever they need to go – But walking together with them is a better alternative

Sometimes you have to pull yourself up

2. March 2019 – Facing the challenges alone

Walking into spring

Logbook – 1. March 2019 – The sun is gaining in strength here

Should locals change for tourism?

Sometimes tourism experts promise good and better times, if the locals are willing to fit into the right Instagram moments

Living circular architecture concept

Sketching on living buildings today, giving them a internal digestive system, vertical farming and inhabitants that live in an organic, breathing and moving metabolic system

Sketch with a living building with digestive system

Drawing of process from garden cut off to feeding living house with organic material and extracting new soil

tree and garden cut off as biodiversity art

Every year garden owners throw out thousand of tons of perfectly good and bio rich tree and garden cut off – Could we mimic river flooding and use all this to create amazing biodiversity hotspots close to our cities?

European Magpie Watercolor

The European Magpie – Watercolor study of one of the most intelligent birds on the planet

Creating livable cities by walking

Ever walked into a small town or village and wondered where all the locals are? – I think I know… they are online

Zapiro in town sketch

Logbook 4. Jan. The world famous cartoonist Zapiro came to Copenhagen, I went with my sketchpad, to hear him talk about doing cartoons since the 1980s – And the challenges to it

Sea level rise in harbor

Logbook 3. Jan. 2019 – Researching consequences of sea level rise, drawing of low and high water

Skating with the kids

Logbook 2. Jan. 2019 Ice skating with my kids

Walking along approaching storm surge

Logbook 1. January 2019 – Started the year walking along the beach while the wind grew stronger and the storm “Alfrida” is approaching the coastline

Sharing digital reality alone

From campfire to digital screens, Thoughts and illustrations of a changing reality

Harbor Porpoise Watercolor

Watercolor sketch and notes on one of the smallest whales – the Harbor Porpoise

Old bar sketch

Sketch note from an old cafe’

Osprey bird in watercolor

The Osprey – a global fishing specialist – Biodiversity study

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