Arctic loon

Dw00065 Arctic loon / Black throated loon (Gavia arctica, Sortstrubet lom ) Declining species of loon. Global distribution with subspecies

Finding stones

Not many tourists find their way up here, so we had the place to ourselves. Me watching the baltic sea and painting while my daughter walked around looking for stones and crystals among the granite rocks

Stopping the shopping

Sketched up this drawing yesterday…  Researching it, I wonder why it is so often the young that have to change the ways of the adults, and the kids that take action to stop their parents from ruining our planet

Two Grey plover watercolors

Dw00169 + Dw00170 Grey plover ( Pluvialis squatarola - Strandhjejle ) The wader bird nests far North Arctic regions, all around the globe from Siberia, to Canada. The Grey plover, or Black bellied plover, as it is called in America, migrates all the way down south - Even to South Africa, Argentina and Australia.

European Golden Plover

dw00173 - European Golden plover ( Hjejle, Pluvialis Apricaria ) is the fastest game bird in Ireland - Or is it? - The question kicked off the beginning of the book Guinness World records in 1951

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