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I work on public good and art projects based on hiking

I do not have a company, a VAT number, home, or can do freelance work as an illustrator.

But I do sell my original artworks, give live presentations, make drawn reportage, and other public good work around all things hiking, walkable cities, trail-design, biodiversity, climate change, recovery, thrive and building thriving, sustainable communities.

Journalist and hiker ( Full member of Danish Journalist union since 2006)

Education: Architecture and drawn journalism:

Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art 1991-2000 (Architecture, Design, Landscape and Innovation)

Danish IT University 2001-2006 Cand. IT (Candidate in: Digital communication, media and design)

Since 1999 I’ve worked on hundreds of projects for both national and international media, organizations and companies to create knowledge and understandings around sustainability, human rights, democracy, climate change, recovery, biodiversity, and lately more and more around walkability, trails and hiking.

My focus is on hiking and creating visual stories as drawn journalism

I research and sketch ideas, perspectives and solutions, and also share my knowledge in talks about how walking and trails can help our well-being, help create more sustainable and thriving cities, help biodiversity and also help us face climate change.

As a drawing journalist I do both drawn reportage and write / draw classic researched and journalistic stories.

I use my education in digital communication to understand, write and publish through new technologies, from WordPress to Social media. I maintain my website and hiking projects myself.

Copenhagen, Denmark

I work out of  Copenhagen, Denmark, where my two daughters live, and as I want to see them as much as possible, I spend some of my days in a small studio in the city.

I still do most of my work with a backpack filled with both hiking gear and tools like brushes, ink, paper and watercolors. Tools I can bring where-ever I am and sleep.


Hiking gear
Hiking gear

I’ve been into hiking since 1986, where I learned the basics on a mountaineering school in Norway for a year.

In the last around 20 years I’ve focused my hiking research on how we can use hiking to connect better to the planet, and live in more sustainable ways


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Frits Ahlefeldt

Copenhagen August 2021

Watercololor art:


Illustration art:

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