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January 2023 – The stream is so much larger than last time I crossed over it, back then I jumped, and at the same time a huge trout leaped out of the water, scared by my shadow. This time, in the cold, pouring rain, I just watch the swollen stream, no way I could leap over it now, the strong current would not even make it possible for me to wade over…

I look out along the stream to where it reach the sea, the waves have build up large heaps of seaweed, and the streamed pushed a path through it.

A bit further down the coast I can see some buildings. I know rich people live in this area, I’ve walked through here about a year ago, at night heading south to the forests and chalk cliffs on the other side, passing by their illuminated living rooms were like aquariums, with lonely red wine drinking fish watching screens, between expensive designer furniture on my way.

The rain continues, I put my backpack on again and start walking, I need to get back, it is mid winter and it will get dark early, and I have so many stories I want to research, write and draw up to publish about walking

Telling, writing and drawing up stories about walking

Journalism & Architecture

Communication, journalism and digital media: Danish IT University 2001-2006 (Candidate in: Digital communication, media and design)

Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art 1991-2000 (Architecture, Design, Landscape and Innovation)

Drawn Journalism and storytelling: Large newspapers and magazines and online. Denmark and abroad

For the last 20+ years I’ve worked mostly on my own hiking projects, but also for a lot of national and international media, newspapers, organizations, companies telling stories of things from wayfinding, to hiking trails, to nomadic ocean-homes, to climate change, biodiversity loss, and theories about how we might grasp reality off-line and online.

I’ve been a full member of Danish Journalist union since 2006

Copenhagen, Denmark

I am mostly outdoors, but also sometimes Copenhagen, where I spend some of my days in a small studio in the city.

I still do most of my work with a backpack filled with both hiking gear and tools like brushes, ink, paper and watercolors. Tools I can bring where-ever I am and sleep.

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Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig

Copenhagen 2023

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