Stories, art and trails

I hike and work on stories and projects

Since 2020 I do not have a company or permanent home, but I still do projects, watercolors and reportage/live drawings

I sell out of my watercolor originals to help pay the bills.

I do freelance projects through an invoice agency (Factofly.com), as I have no VAT number – Price 120 Euro or USD/hour – 800DK.kr.

Education: Architecture and journalism:

Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art 1991-2000 (Architecture, Design, Landscape and Innovation)

Danish IT University 2001-2006 Cand. IT (Candidate in: Digital communication, media and design)

Since 1999 I’ve worked mostly on my own projects, but also for a lot of national and international media, newspapers, organizations and companies, helping to create visual knowledge and understandings.

I’ve been a full member of Danish Journalist union since 2006

Copenhagen, Denmark

I often work out of  Copenhagen, Denmark, where my two daughters live, and as I want to see them as much as possible, I spend some of my days in a small studio in the city.

I still do most of my work with a backpack filled with both hiking gear and tools like brushes, ink, paper and watercolors. Tools I can bring where-ever I am and sleep.

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Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig

Copenhagen July 2022

Watercololor art:


Illustration art:

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