Exploring, writing and drawing up stories, ideas and understandings about life on a small planet

Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (1966)

Founder of Hiking.org – Journalist, artist and long-distance hiker
Full member of The Danish Union of Journalists

I work with storytelling, making talks, new trails, reportage and stories about the ideas, concepts, knowledge and solutions we all face here on this planet alone and together

Education and experience

 The Royal Danish Academy of fine Arts,  Architecture

Innovation, concepts, sketching and place-making in design, architecture and landscape

Candidate degree in Digital Communication  The National Danish It university

Digital journalism, storytelling and communication. Understanding virtual landscapes, way-finding technology, social media and new types of writing and storytelling.

Practical experience

I have practical experience from +15 years of writing and sketching about thrive, sustainability, design, environment, place-making and biodiversity for a long list of newspapers, magazines, projects, companies and organisations around the world.
What I do
I hike, write about, work on, and have participated in and started up a wide variety of environmental, health, thrive, hiking and innovation projects over the last 20 years on different both digital and non-digital platforms.
I work with local and global people of all kinds, to find and visualize and write about new trails and ideas for connecting us to nature, to each other and to make the best possible and sustainable use of new technology, understandings, paths and science.

Hire me and my knowledge

I keep updated and sharp on how we can create a better world together, and I do my best to innovate and share this knowledge to help get us in the direction of a a better future.   If you like to hire me to be part of a project, feedback or expert group, do not hesitate to contact me.
I can help with: 

  • Innovation that help thrive, sustainability and connecting us back to nature and each other
  • Visual stories to help create better understandings, designs and trails to a better world
  • Inspirational presentations about how to help people and nature thrive at the same time
  • Feedback and dialogue about how to design and implement thrive and sustainability
  • Reportage drawings from events, seminars and conferences on thrive, climate, biodiversity etc.