illustration of people walking under a sign that writes "home as trail" Drawing by

Walking along home instead of to it

illustration of a man in a car, that makes pollution that becomes heavy rain over a hiker. Get a car the driver advice. illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt

Logbook 15 March – The worse and more extreme the weather becomes… The more people wants to stay in their cars

illustration of man sitting in car beside kid walking. Man on phone saying "he insisted on walking, should we worry" drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

3. March 2019 As parents we often drive our kids to what-ever and where-ever they need to go – But walking together with them is a better alternative

Walking along the sea while the storm alfrida approached land. Log 1. January 2019 - illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt

Logbook 1. January 2019 – Started the year walking along the beach while the wind grew stronger and the storm “Alfrida” is approaching the coastline

illusration of a hiker with a original nature people head wear

Watercolor of a hiker with a two leaves hat

illustration of girl hiking along the sea, art by Frits Ahlefeldt

Logbook 14 March – girl walking along the sea under seagulls question

drawing of the philosopher Nietzsche on a mountain

Logbook: 8 Jan – A day stumbling in the philosophical footsteps of Nietzsche

photo of two girls in Winter Copenhagen

Walking with the kids on the first sunny day of 2018

drawing of a mother and daughter walking while a car drives past with two person in it. illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt

Logbook 30 Dec. Back in the studio wondering about the difference between driving and living a life on foot today

Watercolor of man in snow, by Frits Ahlefeldt

Logbook from a snowy winter evening in Copenhagen

Woman walking with bird on a leash

Researching perspectives on how philosophers have used thinking while walking

Two hikers at a shelter by the fire

Logbook 5 Dec. Note from a walk in the Woods

hiker in a goal target circle, moving on

Could it be more important where we are moving to, than where we are… ?

Nature has fascinating rhythms, tidal water is one of the very visible ones..

image of babyjogger with backpack

Walking with my baby-jogger, pretending it doesn’t look weird

Watercolour of a stranded boat

Coastal trail sketch

Drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt, of a sign,
People in silos looking out

Thoughts on Public vs private space and trails

Jean Beliveau, long distance hiker walking around the world

Research link to Canadian Long distance hiker who walked 75.000km. around the world, before getting back to his family

illustration of a man hiking under trees with a lot of leaves

Illustration of green trees in front of the Sea