drawing of a stressed out father saying dad's here to his kid, even though he is still work running

To avoid stress, don’t bring your work home

Wrecked car and a guy saying to hell with the car, just make it look like we are still on the road

Why it is important to recognize the challenges

group of young people with hearts and chemical reactions on their heads

Drawing: Love, affection and cognition, thinking together

drawing of a monster of invoices

Never run, they are much faster than us…

Drawing of a tree in the wind

Drawing: Shaped by Nature

Drawing of an elephant room

Drawing: Space made of the things we don’t talk about

Drawing of a jar with work pills

Drawing: work, medicine… or not… trails to recovery illustration

watercolor by Frits Ahlefeldt

Can nature and walks help people get better? What a Watercolor job about an old hospital garden taught me

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Recovery drawing