Huge wave approaching a business man on his phone with an umbrella to face the unexpected. Illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt

6. March 2019 – The approaching sea level rise, with walls of water heading for our cities is so scary that most of us simply ignore it

Watercolor of Seahorse, made on A3 watercolor paper

Tribal octopus creature with blue stripes swimming

Strangely floating octopus creature artwork in watercolor

Watercolor of blue striped red octopus creature

Two watercolors of tribal octopus creatures with blue stripes

Watercolor of one of the oceans most amazing, ancient creatures – the Sea turtle

Drawing of a face in waves, watercolor by Frits Ahlefeldt

Wave ocean face in watercolor

Watercolour of Sea turtle

Three Sea turtle watercolor sketches to the Public Domain

Sea, land and Climate Change

Drawing of a house boat

House on a quiet sea