illustration of a phone sleeping in a bed. By Frits Ahlefeldt

Could we become less addicted to our phones by designing small beds to them, using the old association technique of mapping the need of letting people sleep, onto our phones, or is it just another gadget to fix a gadget?

illustration of man sitting in car beside kid walking. Man on phone saying "he insisted on walking, should we worry" drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

3. March 2019 As parents we often drive our kids to what-ever and where-ever they need to go – But walking together with them is a better alternative

Walking along the coast is a great way to get the kids offline and to relate both to each other and to the landscape

Watercolor of two girls on a beach, one with an umbrella the other looking at stones

Logbook 24 Dec. On the North Coast

Man on the shore pointing at dragon while a kid is heading out on adventure in a small boat

Seeing dragons seems to be easier when people close to you are heading out

Woman busy on her phone dragging a kid. Snapshot as they pass by a narrow alley with Earth in there somewhere

Two competing theories battle today: One saying new tech will save our planet, while the other theory, says… “sorry, I was on the phone, did you mention a planet? “

Drawing of of a father and daughter, throwing small pebbles into a lake, illustration by Frits ahlefeldt

Sketch and log from 6. Oct. 2017, Sitting by a lake, throwing tiny pebbles, together with my daughter

Drawing: Crocodile mum and kid looking at little bird, mum say, don't ruin your appetite

Drawing: snack

Small story experiment: The old surfer, apps and technology

Baby with a tablet

Kid with tablet

The at home dad's first day, standing at the doorstep, not all confident
Drawing of a man with the loosing strategy
woman saying good morning to a not so happy stone
Drawing of a man that wants to reprogram woman
man trying to explain the three things maximum rule
islands without water

Sometimes our worlds look very different at low tide, Free illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt about individualism, isolation, reality and our understanding of it.

big ship heading out over waterfall, ignoring the warnings

Modern transparent, 2.0 transportation. drawing by Frits

kid trying to stop parents from splitting up
illustration of a mother with twins