Seeing places in different ways – sketch of three different types of visitors – The Outdoor type, The cultural Type and the Eating Type

Logbook note, the art of small talk illustration

Monk like character, looking at a plant, Watercolor by Frits Ahlefeldt

Logbook note: Ancient medicine plants still survive many places in the landscapes where earlier cultures used to grow them… Before industrial farming took over

Illustration of global drivers of change, by Frits Ahlefeldt

Drivers of global change are moving us fast towards a future beyond our imagination…

People in silos looking out

Thoughts on Public vs private space and trails

Drawing in color of three girls and a bike

More impressions of people passing by

Drawing of an British Gentleman and an tribal chief meeting and thinking "freak"

Open dialogue can bring us closer

Drawing of a jar with work pills

Drawing: work, medicine… or not… trails to recovery illustration

Drawing of a dog biting a man and a woman saying it's the ecology Dear

How can the difference between a connection and a relationship be seen?

drawing of people intersected as a wall

Creating change is hard because we all stick together in ways that make it hard to move individually without breaking the patterns