Do Anything, Do Everything, or Do nothing. Free Drawing by Frits, HikingArtist

Drawing of lot of small fish swimming around to write save the "Ocean" in the Public Domain

Sometimes "the list" matters more than your qualifications - Drawing of a key waiting to find out if it is on the list

Free drawing about when shopping is about consuming, not about what one really need

Free Drawing of a watch with the four seasons on it - by HikingArtist

Finding balance, love and peace - meditating - and thinking about the ecological balance is not always easy... Free Drawing from HikingArtist

New Year illustration, hope for a greener 2012, hope a lot of new people will join in

Free Clipart about how our roads works as Reality Gaps, guess it is both for us - and the other species facing them.

Free drawing about how some intellectuals fight hard to stay away from action, free clipart to download and use

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