The old woman under the roof

I never really got to know a lot about her, the old lady living up there under the roof in the small hut. Just saw her talking to herself, or maybe it was to the island, as she crawled out of the small door, and down the stairs. Every morning she would go swimming and often collect things along the way

Hiding a powerstation

On the Ertholmene islands every modern thing like power is hidden or integrated into existing structures. This is the look of the building housing both the power station, toilet and bathing facilities for both campside and sailors - even the people in the small huts use the facilities here

Granite huts and rocks

On Ertholmene the tiny granite huts and shacks are in some places build together with the rocks, in ways where the rocks often continues somehow inside the architecture

The school Ertholmene

I used to know the old school teacher on the islands and often came by to drink coffee and talk about all things from the islands to watercolors and philosophy and on top of the school lived the most famous artists on the islands... Mogens and Dominique

Self Sustaining on Ertholmene

Life on the small, poor isolated islands was tough in the old days and being self-sustaining as much as possible was important - growing vegetables became a tradition the locals still master

The mill house – Ertholmene

For a long time the birders lived in a small hut, but then they took over the Mill house ( Møllehuset) situated on top of the island Christiansø, with perfect views to the migrating birds - I remember being invited in...

Smokehouses on Frederiksoe

I sit down in the grass with a warm, freshly smoked herring. Not often this happen... The small old white chimnies are easy to spot from a distance. They were build to smoke herring and other fish and even today, from time to time, the locals celebrate the old times, smoking fish and drinking beer on Ertholmene islands

King's garden on Ertholmene

I sit down at one of the benches - Everything is tiny on Ertholmene - Even the "forest" of trees sheltering the small opening in between the walls, where the locals sometimes meet to celebrate and picnic a five minute walk far away from the fishing village

Fisherman's cottage

In their spare time since more than a hundred years ago the fishermen and soldiers would build tiny granite cottages and small granite walled gardens to grow vegetables on Ertholmene. These unique tiny stone huts stands close together, making a very special place

The secret tunnel

From sea the 3-5 m. high defence wall looks massive and impressive... but what you can't see is the tiny rift valley leading into a secret tunnel that makes it possible for the defenders to attack from a different angle

The defence walls on Ertholmene

The Ertholmene islands are ringed by more than 2 km. of strong, massive granite defence walls, bastions and platforms. Build carefully, and skilfully hundreds of years ago, not even usen mortar - Just stone on stone, many of the walls being several meters in hight

Migrating birds on Ertholmene

In the spring and autumn Ertholmene is a welcoming resting place for many migrating birds and on cliffs and in shelter of the towers and among the rocks, many small birds rest, before continuing their journeys out over the water

The round defence tower

The ancient and massive, tall, heavy granite defense tower from 1687 is one of the most legendary buildings on Ertholmene. It can be seen even from Bornholm, more than an hour away on boat, as a clear cut form standing out in the mid of the Baltic Sea

Boat on Ertholmene

There are no cars on the islands, no cars at all. But there are boats... from tiny row-boats, to fishing boats, to sailboats, and even a couple of rescue boats. Many of the locals taking part in the rescue service, whenever they are called on duty

View to Christiansoe

Walking from Christiansoe, to Frederiksoe, across the natural tiny harbor between the two islands, on an old swinging foot bridge, I turn around to look back at the largest of the islands

Freshwater pond on Christiansoe

In the old days the only water on the islands came from rain. It was carefully kept and protected in a number of ponds around the island. Boats had to bring all other water to the island from more than an hour away

The green gate by the grocery store

Behind the green doors only the locals of the islands are allowed, it protect their get-away from summer visitors and tourists. A place in the deep shadow of the store, where they can relax and catch up with each other, out of the eyes of the many day visitors

Groenningen – Christiansoe

Outside the grocery shop on the small island there is an open, sheltered small square, with short grass and tall trees. It is where everybody meetup to talk about the day and drink beer at 5 o'clock in the afternoon

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