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Drawing up philosophy


Drawing up different understandings of what knowledge is from something we learn by reading books, to something we build, to something we invest in – or a trail, an identity, something we become,, when we walk our path in life.


Cars, trains, planes, ships and other man-made machines we use to move forward has also made their way into describing the way we see reality – here are some of my drawn examples


Wells in our understandings both work as a passage to other worlds and securing our most valuable resources. The wells are the dark dreamy places that we can’t reach with our consciousness. We can just hear the sound of the small bucket hitting the life-giving water deep down

Trees and forests

Trees are one of the big elements in landscapes of understanding and most of us use trees, roots, branches and growth metaphors to better explain and understand important aspects of our reality

Rivers and Waterfalls

Rivers and streams as elements. The flow of time, the river of life, passing over the river and other metaphors all use the river as their archetype to establish understandings. More about rivers and their roles and functions in our understandings


Clouds are used to express many things – In connection with change of mood, with storing information through technology and also when going beyond the clouds. See my drawn examples of clouds here

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