Wells – structures for securing and fetching clean water and to refresh our consciousness

Text and drawings by Frits Ahlefeldt

Many places in the world people have build special structures around what could be the most important resource for us humans: Clean drinking water. Most of us can go longer than we think without without food, money, spare batteries or a warm bed. But there are at least two things we humans can’t survive without for more than around 1-2 days. It is sleep and water. Those two things are our most important fuels…. and they are connected in strange ways through the metaphor of the well. Sleep is where our consciousness go to drink, and the well is where we traditionally get the water from, that can keep us alive

Wells are not among the most important metaphors, unless people are in areas where water is spare ( like deserts ) , most people will not really think about it. The well is the source, it is the magical dark, dreamy, away from the world place that we both go to get our water and sleep from.

The well has also been connected to a passage to the underworld, to death and in stories sometimes to a gateway to different worlds, just like sleep and water. The world looks very different without it.

Here are a few of my drawings about how we use wells in our understandings: