Metaphors around the gigantic living creatures made out of wood, called trees

In our understandings and the ways we see reality trees and plants have a special place, not least because, they are bound to a place growing their roots into the ground and stretching their leaves towards the sun. Trees are used in many connections to symbolize the healthy living system.  The tree of life, with all life-forms originating from the same common root, and relating through it, is also a very widely used image

Growth images

The growth metaphor is used a lot today, it is all  about growth, fulfilling ones potential and being able to stand strong in the winds. Not being shadowed by taller trees, but stretching out towards the attractive life one hope to live.  The twisted, scorn or lightning hit tree, still growing despite the disaster, sprouting new leaves is another image used a lot.

Drawing of a little tree growing up

Growth is a classic metaphor, where trees are often seen as the image

Seasons of life and images of wisdom

In many cultures life as a human is compared to life as a tree, with old people facing the autumn of their lives and young sprouting up in the spring. Experience and wisdom is often seen as related to old trees, and many a sage has received wisdom, according to the legends, by sitting under a tree. It was here Buddha became enlightened and here Newton first realized the mathematical theories that revolutionized and made a break-through for modern science.

Watercolour of a blue woman and trees walking tall over the land. Watercolor by Frits Ahlefeldt

The Winter Fairy of trees Watercolor

Root and organisation images

When talking about their roots many people see themselves as connected to their ancestors a like belonging to the same tree. Organisations often build on the same image of the tree, to explain the different “branches”

Little girl moving up a tree with many branches

Finding ones way in life, like climbing a tree of branches

Collection of trees showing different understandings

I have attached examples of trees here, all showing different examples of how trees can be used to show different perspectives on reality: