Nature Hikers Watercolors

The Nature hikers project

Looking at Nature people’s Cultural head wear expressions

Project, watercolors and text by Frits Ahlefeldt

Indigenous people and traditional cultures across the planet have created amazing and diverse ways of decorating and changing the way they look. Some use tattoos, other masks, flowers, leaves, feathers, painting, hats, wood, or a number of other materials and techniques to express different things like feelings, roles, position, experience etc. 

Some changes are permanent features each member will keep for the rest of their lives, other are decorations for special occasions.

I wondered how it would look if hikers took on these traditions in their appearance more. ( some all ready do )  And made this series of what I call Nature hikers, inspired by the way Nature people adapt and change their looks:

The collection of Nature hikers watercolors so far:

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