The cloud element in landscapes of understanding

Text and drawings by Frits Ahlefeldt

We use clouds in a number of ways in our understandings. From a cloudy mood, to describing an approaching change, lately the cloud metaphor has also been given all new meaning in a digital sense, as we have started to store information digitally in “the cloud” .  Clouds is also, in some cultures associated with a world beyond the clouds, an afterlife, different reality or change to a more permanent universal state of things or mind

Here are some of my drawings working with understanding the cloud element in landscapes of understanding:

Drawing of a businessman with a tied up golden cloud over his umbrella, raining down money, dripping out to the poor

The Drip-down effect of economics is not very well documented, but used a lot. The challenge is that not only the channel, but even the clouds are today controlled by a few

Drawing of a lot of people each floating on a cloud

When everybody gets their own cloud

woman in a cloud

Floating in the clouds

No treespassing sign in heaven

When the sky is the limit

Clouds can be inside or around ones head too

Cloud distribution

Clouds are sometimes used to show distribution from one to many

Drawing of many droplets becoming one river

Cloud can be used to show distribution from many to one

illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt

The clouds sometimes show a world beyond the known

Cloud with an on - off switch

In a lot of ways we would like to control the clouds, both the digital and the real ones

cloud over village with money raining up into the cloud

When money is raining up into the clouds from the local communities

Man with his head in the clouds

Head in the clouds a classic expression

two men with kite with lightbulb watching approaching cloud

Innovation can also be challenged by unknown clouds

heart shaped clouds drawing

Clouds as hearts, clouds can also portray feelings

Earth pictured with clouds around it

Clouds around the globe, the classic climate challenge image

War cloud plane like creature up in the air

The war cloud – modern warfare is also seen as becoming digital – heading for the and becoming the clouds

Drawing of a man with strings attached to the clouds

More and more we are monitored and plan our lives closely in connection with Artificial intelligence systems controlled by systems running in the digital clouds, from banking to Facebook

Man holding two balloons one a cloud the other a sun

Clouds as mood – balancing sunshine and clouds

three people up in a cloud looking down on a lot of people on the ground

Cloud management – digital management is heading this way really fast

Woman with a mood meter over her head showing moods between thunder and sunshine

Clouds are used as indicators of mood

Drawing of a man writing below a cloud

Clouds are also used in storytelling

When people appear out of nowhere it is sometimes said that they came out of the clouds