Landscapes of understanding

Frits Ahlefeldt – Landscapes of Understanding project

Seeing reality as landscapes

Text and drawings by Frits Ahlefeldt –

Landscapes of Understanding – Philosophy, metaphors and place / body centered perspectives of reality

Landscapes of Understanding is a project about how we in our language, perspectives and understandings rely on places and situations in landscapes to better understand them. We all face gaps, hills, oceans, walls and paths in life. Making maps of these places and understandings is what the Landscapes of understanding project is about 

Diving deeper into some elements in the landscapes of understanding
Here is a few examples of pages I made about special metaphorical landscape elements so far:

Two people building a bridge, drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt
Bridges as metaphors

See my collections of illustrations about landscape elements on my Download site:

My Landscapes Of Understanding Project

My work with landscapes of understanding started around 20 years ago, and I have worked a lot with the Metaphor philosophy of Lakoff and Johnson, and their books like “Metaphors we live by” – especially while I was at the university in Copenhagen, studying digital communication (2001-2006).

I have the .com domain: reserved for the project

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