Illustration Originals

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My original, handmade illustrations

A collection of unique, ink and watercolor drawings, made by me. The drawings for sale here are not copies but the drawings that I did in hand, originally, on paper with brushes and the best artist quality light-fast colors and inks. The drawings are sold with all the original  ink dots, colors, strange corrections and fingerprints on them.

My drawings for sale here are the real ones, there is, and can only be one of each.

Price for each: 180 USD. / 150 EUR. or 1100 DK.KR. 

Delivered personally in Central Copenhagen, or at a shipping fee, carefully wrapped and shipped by me, after payment through bank transfer or Paypal (incl. credit cards).

Please contact me for ordering originals request on other of my originals or more details here: Contact

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