Watercolor of footsteps in spiral

Footsteps in watercolor

watercolor portrait of an old man

Watercolor study

Watercolor of people

+20 Watercolors of people passing by me on the streets in Copenhagen

drawing of a human siluette in hair

How would we look if we were born with our own fur, sketching the perfect outdoor garment?

drawing of man, wife and kid

Watching people passing by in Copenhagen, sketches in ink and watercolors

Watercolor of three guys walking

Watercolor sketching people passing by

Watercolor portrait

Watercolor portrait, man with blue hair

Watercolor of a blond girl laying in the grass

Watercolor of nomad

Watercolor of nomad

tired woman watercolor with bags

Video break , watercolor slideshow to run in the background

Watercolor, People from Denmark

Watercolors I make on the streets as people walk around here in Copenhagen, and I spot some great characters.

A few drawings from today in Copenhagen, Denmark, sketching people on the streets

Watercolor woman with small kid

Tree watercolors of women, from the streets. By Frits Ahlefeldt

Watercolor of a Spanish looking woman

Walking the streets and painting people in watercolor, as they pass me by.

Watercolor of a man with backpack

Walking the streets of Copenhagen, painting watercolors of people and houses