Drawing of a man sitting on top of a thick book with the title "knowhere" and a woman with backpack climbing the edge where the title is "knowedge". Illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt

Drawing up two different ways to understand on top of a book

Space is not only created in what we can feel and see, but more than we realize – also in sounds

Locals view their places very different from how visitors view the same landscapes – Often we forget these differences

Group of similar looking men and women asking them questions about their barbecue. Drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Interactions are creating reality in the most complicated ways. Something as simple as a barbecue evening is full of complicated relationships, hierarchies and rituals

It is more difficult to create circular reality – than to talk about it. But we slowly starting to find ways to do circular economy

Drawing of people walking along different stories, drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Logbook 16 Dec. Sketching thoughts on human life and experience seen as an unfolding story-line – what we learn along the way. Sketching up concepts for how to understand life as a walk along different paths

hiker in a goal target circle, moving on

Could it be more important where we are moving to, than where we are… ?

Drawing of a hiker between two signs saying the best for you and the best for all

Day with words and drawings – sketching up ideas and thoughts about the Common Good and hiking. What it is and might be in the future

If money was water Drawing of people using a water-cash machine to get water

Wonder how it would be if water was money

Drawing by Frits ahlefeldt

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Drawing of a dragon reading a knight story to a little dragon, the little dragon asking if all knights are evil

Dragons at home

Two experts with arguments and fact stones, get ready to throw arguments at each other

Hard hitting science as entertainment

Monster rain heading for a town, while locals work to stop it

Citizens to stop extreme weather

Drawing of mars men saying we come with Habermas

Drawing: Academics from afar

Drawing of an elephant seen through talking bubbles

Different perspectives on the same reality

Drawing of a line of people looking serious with folded hands

Drawing: Committee Decision time

Drawing of a little girl with a book head with hair as pages


Drawing of a man under a lightning cloud, writing on his laptop

Cloud storytelling in stormy weather drawing

Illustration of a man Reading the Newspaper

Monument for a dying art form

Drawing of an old man of the woods facing a woman with lots of paper forms

Man Of the Woods

Drawing of a jar of magical storytelling Pills

The Magic of Stories