Photo of cave exit along the Bornholm Coast trail, photo by Frits Ahlefeldt

Logbook – Four days of hiking the Bornholm coast trail in the Baltic Sea 120 km. / 71 Miles

35 sec. video reportage from the Copenhagen Morning, where bikes has replaced cars as the locals preferred way of getting around

photo of two girls in Winter Copenhagen

Walking with the kids on the first sunny day of 2018

Re-opening and adding new drawings in Copenhagen

photo of babyjogger shadow, by Frits Ahlefeldt.

Logbook 29 Dec. Putting my backpack in the old Babyjogger and heading out, running through Copenhagen again, after a long break

Frits Ahlefeldt, walking on road, photo

Comparing different perspectives on how to see the world, worked with vehicle based understandings today

Wondering about places and communities, from a long windy road, stopping a couple of places

Going back to restart my walk around Denmark and also to find a small pebble

Logbook 25 October note on Walking with an umbrella sign on my window in Copenhagen

Getting hiking back in focus

Frits Ahlefeldt, at an outdoor fitness station, in Copenhagen

After a long break I am back at the lakes, working out and hugging an old chestnut tree

Frits Ahlefeldt on Library

Getting organised and wondering about ideas… How attention can help ideas grow, and how advice can stop them from it.

Portrait Frits Ahlefeldt, Norway

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image of babyjogger with backpack

Walking with my baby-jogger, pretending it doesn’t look weird