About Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig

Exploring and drawing up designs, stories, ideas and understandings

Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (1966)

Innovation, art and philosophy

I work with innovation, art, design, storytelling and philosophy abut the challenges we face here on this planet, alone and together

Education and experience

 The Royal Danish Academy of fine Arts,  Architecture

Design, architecture, art, concepts, sketching and place-making  with years in design, architecture and landscape

Candidate degree in Digital Communication  The National Danish It university

Digital journalism, storytelling and visual communication. Understanding virtual landscapes, way-finding technology, social media and combining time-tested with  new types of writing, narrative and storytelling.

Practical experience

I have practical experience from +20 years of innovation, designing concepts and solutions, consulting, media planning, newspaper and magazine visualization, sketching up and creating new understandings and solutions in thrive, sustainability, design, environment, place-making and biodiversity. Both in my own projects and for a long list of companies, newspapers, magazines and organisations around the world
What I do
I work to combine know-how, technology, new understandings and innovation in stories, designs and projects to help create a better future

Let’s connect

If you like to know more, get a presentation, ,can use my skills, want to support my projects let’s work together, do not hesitate to contact me

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