Two Grey plover watercolors

The wader bird nests far North Arctic regions, all around the globe from Siberia, to Canada. The Grey plover, or Black bellied plover, as it is called in America, migrates all the way down south – Even to South Africa, Argentina and Australia. ( Grey plover – Pluvialis squatarola – Strandhjejle )

Pied avocet bird watercolor 02

Second sketch of the Pied avocet – Recurvirostra avosetta ( Klyde), sometimes I do several to study the bird type from different angles and to experiment painting the details and shape in different ways

Whooper Swan watercolor

( Cygnus cygnus – Singschwan – sangsvane ) Large type of swan breeding far up north and with a call that can be heard more than a km. away. The Whooper swan talks a lot, and some people think they have so many different sounds it might make up a simple language

Mute swan Watercolor

Watercolor of Mute swan ( Höckerschwan – Knopsvane ) One of the heaviest birds to fly the mute swans are both much celebrated in Europe – and considered an aggressive spreading, invasive species in America

Ink & Watercolor Techniques

Painting with ink and watercolors can be done in many ways – here I describe some of the things I’ve learned and used over the years drawing and painting with ink and watercolors

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