Hiking out and along the coast

Hiking up along the coast instead of out to it

Walking marsh landscape outside the dykes

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

I walked North now, with the late afternoon sun reflecting up from the water, I saw the clouds approaching, but had them behind me in the distance, and estimated it would take them more than it did to reach me

Sudden drops of water fell with a thunder in the background to tell the clouds meant it

I looked around for some kind of shelter from the approaching wall of dark clouds, the only thing close above the grass was a group of sheep, but I was quite sure they wouldn’t hang around if I put my tent up among them.

I found a flat spot and took my tent out of the backpack, as the wind picked up fast, a minute after the tent was flying in the wind, from where I had pinched it down. Heavy rain fell as I secured it with extra lines and fast crawled inside…

Where did that come from, I thought to myself

( See video log from inside the tent on my last post: Sudden rainstorm )

See my whole storyline grid here

Keywords: logbook, storyline, sketchbook, diary, notes

Log, text and illustrations by Frits Ahlefeldt. FritsAhlefeldt.com

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