Sea level rise – sketching again

Back in my studio reading about climate action, sea level rise and other climate challenges. Just started out on the book: “Nomad century” by Gaia Vince (2022)
A book Bill McKibben have called “An important and provocative start to a crucial conversation”

Sketching up the challenge of Sea level rise

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Rising water is not something much talked about, but it has been called the dark horse of climate change, the challenge that could change everything if the incredible complicated feedback loops act differently that we think and hope

Best hope is for under one meter before the next century, the fear is above that… it is so open it is more like pick a number… with between 1-2 meter as the trending one.

Other experts note that last time ( some million years ago) Earth faced a global temperature 3-4 degrees higher than now, the ocean levels stood around 40m. higher than today.

Some of my drawings on sea level rise:

There are many dimensions of this challenge, one of them is the around 1 billion people living in storm surge and flood risk areas in the future.

What will happen, and how will both they and the people inland facing other global warming challenges act. – Still on the book and it is both scary and the author Gaia Vince try hard to keep a optimistic perspective, including what can work as ways to face sea level rise including early, no panic migration away from areas to be lost.

Sitting with the book, I realize I’ve been writing about and working with sea level rise in more than 20 years, drawing up challenges and solutions both for my own projects and together with organizations and research institutions…

See mor of my stories on climate change here:

Collection of my climate change posts and drawings

Stopping the shopping

Sketched up this drawing yesterday…  Researching it, I wonder why it is so often the young that have to change the ways of the adults, and the kids that take action to stop their parents from ruining our planet


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Drawing of hiker on storylinegrid. reading books. Nomad century by Gaia Vince. Illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt
Back to research for now about sea level rise. ( Storylinegrid drawing ref: lb20230223-2 )

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Log, text and illustrations by Frits Ahlefeldt.

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