Back on trail for now

Bornholm Coast path zig zag hike

Mid winter hike

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Found the bakery, the coast path, a tiny sprout by a fallen tree, and one of the shelters before dark, but I didn’t stay long

The weather was as off as I was on this hike, it was supposed to be winter, but no snow and only the strong wind made it a bit chilly. And the news said it was the warmest ever in January, so far.

I stumbled off the night ferry just over 06:05 in the morning, apparently not all awake yet, I was late for the bus, but managed to find it and jumped on board. A few minutes later I realized I had jumped on the wrong bus… and the bus driver didn’t sell the tickets I needed. Grabbed my backpack and got off, but was now on the middle of nowhere.

“why are you in such a hurry?” I asked myself as the bus disappeared in the dark. Took a deep breath, hadn’t slept much in the bunk room of the night ferry, and needed coffee and to get back on track. Made a plan to walk all the way back to the ferry and start from there.

I walked through the center and back, stopped when I could see the ferry, and a woman crossed the street with two bags of fresh bakery bread.

Quickly found the bakery, some Danish, a chair by the window, and a fresh cup of coffee.

Apparently I needed to wait for the shops to open at 10:00 AM to get the tickets. I had to wait three hours here, and spent them sketching up a scene from the ferry:

Sketch from the bakery

Changing direction

As a couple of hours past, I realized it would be too late to start taking busses to the other side of the island, I would be so much behind my plan. I managed to get the tickets in a local supermarket for next time, and started walking out of town again, just to find my feet, and get moving. Headed up North along the coast in a very different direction, but one I knew well.

The Bornholm coast trail. I’ve hiked it in winter, summer, spring and autumn, and in both directions, with and without company, money, food and time. So I was on familiar ground and could just relax as I walked into the forest.

Photo portraits of Frits Ahlefeldt Eating from pot on hike.
Finally got down in speed, till I decided to film it… and spent more time filming than eating, so out of focus
simple wood board bridge crossing stream on Bornholm Coast path. Photo by Frits Ahlefeldt
Crossed a bridge
Tiny sprout under a large fallen tree. Photo by Frits Ahlefeldt
And found a sprout
Photo of Frits Ahlefeldt, in shelter on the Bornholm Coast path. Photo by Frits Ahlefeldt

I was still moving too fast, so stopped in a shelter where the forest met the sea. Sat with a coffee and watched the waves, as it started to get dark just before 16:00 – Not much light in January in Denmark

Not really sure what I was doing, or where I was heading on this hike any longer.

Post part of my storyline grid, my next post: ( Will link to it here, when it is up )

Keywords: logbook, trailline, storyline, sketchbook, diary, notes, storylinegrid

Log, text and illustrations by Frits Ahlefeldt.

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