Back from school

I made it to the train station and down on the platform as my daughter came out of her train, with her worn cargo bag in hand

Getting around without a car

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

We walked up the stairs, and down again to get to the next platform. “Thanks for meeting me dad” she said, and handed me her bag as we tried to check our tickets in. But the machines were out of order again.

Quick I ran back up the stairs, down and checked us both in on the other platform, it doesn’t matter where you check them in, as long as it is the same station.

I came back just in time for us to get home on the train.

She smiled “Mom could have picked me up in her car, but then I wouldn’t get a chance to see you.”

I nodded, as the train left the station.

Sketch of girl on a station - Frits Ahlefeldt
My daughter came out of the train just as I reached the platform

Keywords: logbook 2021-04-26, diary, notes

Log, text and illustrations by Frits Ahlefeldt.

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