Carlsberg Pavilion

Who came up with building things like this for a factory making beer?

Painting the round pavilion outside Carlsberg

Watercolor and text by Frits Ahlefeldt

Turning my head I look into the factory where two gigantic sculptured elephants holds the building spanning across the gate. Well someone that build something like that too

It is an architecture so different from the minimalist, functional, “we tear it down tomorrow again anyway” style we build most things in today.

Every little part of the circular building is filled with fine crafted details and stories, every brick carefully placed and the roof in fine cobber.

I sit and watch it, slowly painting it up learning more about all the details and parts

Carlsberg, Copenhagen red brick building
Watercolor sketch, Copenhagen

keywords: Copenhagen, Denmark, architecture, buildings, art, København, Danmark, byer, bygninger, aquarelle, akvarel, Denmark

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