Painting in the middle of the stream

Sitting in the scene – for many years I insisted on painting on the spot, doing my watercolors in front of the motives, no matter the weather and time of year

Copenhagen watercolor – Nyhavn

Watercolor and text by Frits Ahlefeldt

The sun in my eyes and surrounded by people, with half an eye on my backpack as long as I could keep my eyes open… even getting my easel stolen, when I closed my eyes on a bench once

I was being photographed while painting, as part of the local originals, drunks and street performers, doing my best in the middle of the stream of people.

I did my watercolors year after year, wandering around the city of Copenhagen

Watercolor Nyhavn watercolor Copenhagen, Denmark. Akvarel af Frits Ahlefeldt - København
Watercolor from Nyhavn. White boat. Denmark – Copenhagen

keywords: Copenhagen, Denmark, architecture, buildings, art, København, Danmark, byer, bygninger, aquarelle, akvarel, Denmark

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