Eurasian Dotterel male watercolor

Dw00168 Male dotterel ( Pomeransfugl – Charadrius morinellus ) sits on the eggs and rear the chicks, while the more colorful female flies of to find another male

Watercolor of a Eurasian Dotterel bird

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Eurasian dotterel illustration Watercolor by Frits Ahlefeldt. Pomeransfugl akvarel
Watercolor illustration Eurasian Dotterel ( Pomeransfugl – Charadrius morinellus )

Keywords: watercolor, watercolour, birds, fowl, wildlife, animals, birding, fugle, biodiversitet, akvarel , biodiversitydk

Watercolors of birds series – Watercolor painting by Frits Ahlefeldt.

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