Seals singing at the most eastern hut in Denmark

Most of the small granite huts are on the west side of the island Christiansø, but one is far away from all the others. Only a few hundred meters from the most Eastern point in Denmark, where the Grey seals gather to sing under the moon

The lonely hut

Watercolor and text by Frits Ahlefeldt

Where most of the other huts are plain in granite rocks this one is yellow and far away from the others. I never figured out ( yet) who lives down there. Sometimes it is open. But most of the time it just sit there. Down in an old quarry, from where they got the huge boulders for the defence walls

But at night the place comes all alive. Huge flocks of up to 50 or 100 large grey seals meet out on the most Eastern point on the Ertholmene islands to sing…

First I had no idea what it was that could make those long hauling noises, both deep and high, singing their heart out. Till I realized it was the huge seals that got together under the moon, on the rocks out in the sea, in front of this small cottage.

First they sang a bit, but soon they would take off in a loud, long and lasting concert of the most amazing kind

Watercolor of granite hut on Christiansø. Ertholmene. Denmark
Little hut under the walls, build more or less into the rocks in the distance is the most Eastern point in Denmark where the Grey seals sings at night

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