Herring factory in old boathouse

When the sea is high, it reaches the front of the tiny fish factory in the old boathouse on Ertholmene, where Ruth’s spicy herrings are still made from a secret recipe by a handful of locals early in the mornings

The last marinated herrings from Christiansø

Watercolor and text by Frits Ahlefeldt

Inside the boathouse is the last marinated herring factory on Ertholmene. Just a tiny place where a handful of locals listen to the radio, while preparing the fish as it has been done in generations.

There used to be more marinated herring producers on the Ertholmene islands, but they are all gone now and this is the last option to get the real Christiansø herring.

Painting of a old boathouse turned into a tiny Herring factory on Ertholmene. Frederiksø. Denmark. Watercolor by Frits Ahlefeldt
Boat house and fish factory Frederiksø. Ertholmene

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