The mill house – Ertholmene

For a long time the birders lived in a small hut, but then they took over the Mill house ( Møllehuset) situated on top of the island Christiansø, with perfect views to the migrating birds – I remember being invited in…

Watercolor of the mill house and pond

Watercolor and text by Frits Ahlefeldt

Since the beginning I had the utmost respect for the strange and elusive group of ornithologists who stays on Ertholmene to study the many birds that migrates close to them every year. Some birds even stay all year like the razorbills (alke) and the common guillemot ( lomvie)

The one I admired most was Peter Lyngs, the legendary danish birder who was the expert on the Ertholmene for countless years on the razorbills and Common guillemots.

I came to visit him and his wife a few years ago, sitting with both of them and my two daughters in the garden eating icecream and talking about birds and life.

He would always be extremely both friendly and honest, not holding back his strong opinions. Just laughing and saying exactly what he meant.

Peter left us this winter, I met him a few days before by coincidence, outdoors, on a small cafe’ in Copenhagen. He was sitting with a smoke and coffee. In his huge polar jacket, that he used on expeditions on Greenland. We talked for a few minutes and I still remember his warm smile.

The mill house and pond. Ertholmene. Christiansø. Watercolor by Frits Ahlefeldt
The old mill house – Ertholmene

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