King's garden on Ertholmene

Everything is tiny on Ertholmene – Even the “forest” of trees sheltering the small opening in between the walls, where the locals sometimes meet to celebrate and picnic a five minute walk far away from the fishing village

The “Kongens have” place on Christiansoe

Watercolor and text by Frits Ahlefeldt

In the spring and autumn the birders can find many species of birds resting here, before they migrate on. And in high summer the campsite now has a small extra place where families with children can get some quiet and protected space. Sheltering the toddlers from both the sometimes hard wind and strong sun

I crawl out of the tent early in the morning to paint, most people in the other tents are still asleep. Many stay up late and sit at the tables and talk, while their kids sleep in the tents. No need for baby alarms. Everybody can hear if someone’s kid cry in one of the tents.

But this morning all is quiet here by the benches under the trees. I put out my stove and make a cup of coffee and starts to sketch…

Watercolor of kings garden on Ertholmene, Chrisitansø ( kongens have) Watercolor by frits Ahlefeldt
The benches are standing next to some steep rocks that the kids love to climb. Swinging themselves out in ropes attached to the trees.

keywords: Ertholmene, Christiansoe, Christiansø, Baltic sea, architecture, buildings, art, akvarel, Denmark

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