Boat on Ertholmene

There are no cars on the islands, no cars at all. But there are boats… from tiny row-boats, to fishing boats, to sailboats, and even a couple of rescue boats. Many of the locals taking part in the rescue service, whenever they are called on duty

Watercolor of tiny red boat in the harbor

Watercolor and text by Frits Ahlefeldt

Admitted – I am not much of a sailor, so I politely say no thanks, when I get an invitation to go out on the sometimes rough sea in one of the small boats. There are close to 100 meter deep and huge waves from time to time around the islands. But for the locals it seems both to be fun and just as easy to navigate the waves as most would park a car… They have no cars on the islands, and only a short stretch of cobbled road. The rest are more or less narrow trails and foot paths.

Watercolor painting of a red boat with outboard engine. Christiansø. Ertholmene painting by frits Ahlefeldt
Red boat in the harbor on Ertholmene

keywords: Ertholmene, Christiansoe, Christiansø, Baltic sea, jolle, havn, art, akvarel, Denmark

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