Tundra Swan

Dw00084 Tundra swan ( Tundra Schwan – Pibevane – Cygnus columbianus) is a smaller swan, living high up North, both in America, Europe and Asia

The tundra swan

Research, text and watercolor by Frits Ahlefeldt

The tundra swan is sometimes divided into two subspecies – Bewick’s Swan in Europe and Asia. And Whistling swan in North America. It is a smaller swan, (Aprox. 4-9 kg.) that is known to fly in altitudes up to 8km. still it feels much more at home when floating in the water

The Eurasian variant ( Bewick’s swan) is the national bird of Finland

Watercolor of Tundra swan - Bewick's swan / Whistling swan (Pibesvane, TundraSchwan, Cygnus columbianus ) Biodiversity illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt
The Tundra swan ( Pibesvane – tundraSchwan – Cygnus columbianus)

Keywords: watercolor, biodiversity, wildlife, birdlife, birds, swans, Cygnus, svaner, fugle

Wikipedia link: Tundra Swan

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