Rush hour

Street sketch – In the morning the office workers crowd the streets of Copenhagen all at once

Watercolor of smiling busy woman walking

Watercolor and text by Frits Ahlefeldt

Around nine in the morning is when all the office people enters the city. It is a moment when walkers, buses, bikes and cars all mingle in hectic ways for an hour or so

Traffic is thick, mostly with expensive cars here in the center of the city, as the most successful of the office people are the only ones who can afford the parking prices

Most of the rest enters on bikes – In Copenhagen everybody ( more than half of the inhabitants) make their way around on bikes, as it is both easier, faster and much cheaper.

And people from a bit further away comes in with the trains, walking up from the underground stations and into the streets… It all happens almost at the same moment

Some look hurried, a lot are on their phones, others does not really look at all… And then there are also some who light up the streetscapes, smiling and laughing, even on rainy days. To me they always stand out, walking the same streets, but in very different ways.

smiling woman walking watercolor by frits ahlefeldt
Happy woman walking watercolor

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