The unfinished manuscript

It was her… wasn’t it?

Watercolor of an old man with glasses and notes

Watercolor and text by Frits Ahlefeldt

He hadn’t seen her in years, but there she was, standing sideways looking the other way,.
He wanted to walk over to say hello, then stopped. Remembering why she left… ” You will never get that book ready, forget it, I can’t stand waiting for you to stop talking about it anymore… ” He had the manuscript under his arm… He was almost there – but could he tell her that?

old man with glasses watercolor by frits ahlefeldt
Old man with glasses watercolor

keywords: writing, book, author, moment, watercolors, watercolor painting, art, watercolorartist, Frits Ahlefeldt, Denmark, akvarel, akvarelkunst, maling.

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