Moving the vase

Slowly he walked back to place it in the right time

Watercolor of a man holding a vase

Watercolor and text by Frits Ahlefeldt

He had been there all day, well actually every Saturday all month, all year… But he liked it.

Much better than the job in the bank, he thought. Selling vintage things at the local flee marked, he loved old things, and liked selling them too, but sometimes people moved them around, away from the places he had arranged them in… Slowly he walked back with the vase as he kept an eye on the young couple with the little kid over by the antique tea cups

Man holding a antique watercolor by frits ahlefeldt
Man on a flee market watercolor

keywords: vase, flee market, watercolors, watercolor painting, art, watercolorartist, Frits Ahlefeldt, Denmark, akvarel, akvarelkunst, maling.

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