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Personal website of Frits Ahlefeldt

Text by Frits Ahlefeldt – update June 2019

FritsAhlefeldt.com is my personal site. ( I’ve moved my old “hikingartist.com” stories and drawings here too – Now  I am turning my two sites into one right here… on FritsAhlefeldt.com  🙂

On Frits ahlefeldt.com you can find my personal updates and new stories and also snapshots from projects I work with, reportage from trails I hike and also things I stumble into along my way.

Here are some of the things you can see here:

My watercolors – examples of my work

My illustrations: Examples of my work

Illustration collections:


About me and my work

Read more about me Frits Ahlefeldt and my work here

My webshop

You can buy my originals, prints and downloads of my artworks on my webshop here


Glad you came by 🙂

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