Intelligent farming technology

Farming technology today comes in a new scale and with added artificial intelligence – maybe even with new kind of needs? 

Illustration of self driving tractor ready for breakfast

Text and illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt

As the machines that works more and more of the global landscapes also gets more intelligent and self-aware, they might soon start to relate to local farmers, hikers, cities and the rest of us in new ways

Drawing of a huge self driving automatic, intelligent farming machine asking small traditional tractor "breakfast?" Illustration by Frits ahlefeldt
Taste of tomorrow? Self driving tractor ready for breakfast

Keywords. Philosophy, fritsahlefeldt, self driving robots, landscapes of understanding, environment, farmer, craft, technology, AI, robotics, android, farm, agriculture, foodproduction, farmer, food, resources, human-computer interaction, sustainability, illustration link: Self Driving farming machine breakfast

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