Path away from it all or towards a better place

What we focus on seems to me to define us more than we realize, no matter if we walk away from it or towards it.

To leave something we also have to leave it in our thoughts

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt,

When entering a camp or place for the night and meet other people there is sometimes a short open window where we can choose what we talk about, and what we add to the table. And often I realize that what each of us choose to focus on actually tell more about us, than what we say about it

It is an old truth that what we tend to become what we think and talk about most of the time.

And even though we can work hard to walk away from it, if we keep our focus on it it, if we keep thinking about it and telling everybody about what we walked away from, how bad it was and how much we wanted to get away from it… It will still be there right with us, no matter how far we walk.

The alternative direction is, in words, focus and steps, to to head in the direction towards where we would like to be. I think it might be and feel harder because often we head towards a place that is unknown to us, when compared to where we come from. What we leave behind is a place we know and can more easily talk about and circle around.

But it is in the past and there is a freedom in focusing on things that are not in the past

Hiker standing looking at sign with one side saying "away from it all" and the other "towards a better place" illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt
Walking away from it all or towards a better place

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