Good Night Phone

Could we become less addicted to our phones by designing small beds to them, using the old association technique of mapping the need of letting people sleep, onto our phones, or is it just another gadget to fix a gadget?

Might tiny beds to phones help us letting them sleep?

Text and drawings by Frits Ahlefeldt

Today it seems like we are all getting more and more addicted to looking at our phones. Something that can have devastating effects on our relationships ( Mostly for those of us who have any relationships left and are not just left somewhere in a fast-food restaurant or car, looking at the phone all by ourselves.)

So I wondered: would it work to somehow make tiny beds to phones, putting them to sleep, to avoid using them?

The classic phone by your site scenario

In restaurants, at meetings, at home and at work, most of the time we keep our phones within reaching distance – so whenever the urge to check the phone arise, we can easily grab it.

The consequence is often that most of us are seldom fully present in any situation. As soon as we are just a bit bored or wonder about how someone or something is doing, we grab the phone to follow our thoughts online… leaving reality, family and friends behind.

The put the phone in the box solutions in schools and other places

Some places has made a box or bag, where people are demanded to put their phones in. But most of us feel reluctant to handle in our phones, it simply doesn’t feel right. And when asking why – The “To stop you from using it” explanation we often get doesn’t really help.

Putting your phone to bed

If someone has gone to bed we only disturb them if we have a very good reason to do it. So I thought, what if we designed small beds with in-build chargers, so we could say good night to our phones and leave them, maybe even with some cover or blanket over them… Would it be easier for us to let the phones alone, and instead connect to those around us and be present? – it might work…

Grabbing and checking my phone I soon realized that someone has already designed and made such a bed for phones back in 2016 – And it is still sold on Amazon.

Putting my phone down again I wondered, is it just another gadget to fix the use of a gadget – and if it worked – wouldn’t I have seen it by now on my phone?

Phone in bed asleep while people laugh in room next to. Drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt
Phone sleeping in bed

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