Paradox of cars and climate change

The worse and more extreme the weather becomes… the more people wants to stay in their cars

Extreme weather makes people want to stay in their cars

Drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Today students from more than 100 countries have gone on strike and headed out in the streets to protest against the lack of taking action on climate change

Here in Copenhagen it has so far rained more in March than ever before, cold, grey rain that just keeps on coming, flooding landscapes, fields and low placed areas, it is not a weather many wants to head out in, no matter how urgent it is to do it.

On a day like this it is easy to see how hard it is to get people out of their cars when that is exactly the last thing they want to do. And at the same time our more than one billion cars, globally, and the car-based lifestyle they flood the world with is one of the main polluters and causes of climate change.

Walking is better, even on a day like today, both for us and our chances of reducing the effects of climate change

illustration of a man in a car, that makes pollution that becomes heavy rain over a hiker. Get a car the driver advice. illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt
Cars and the lifestyle that is carried by them cause the extreme weather people try to avoid by using them

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