In the hand of Artificial Intelligence

More and more of our decisions are based on data collected, stored and analyzed, not by humans, but by computers

Reality is seen through a digital lens

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt,

In some ways most of us find it much easier to leave difficult decisions to the computers. They are better connected and have access to information, traffic news, weather forecasts, trends, global networks of information and much more that we might don’t even know about

Take a simple trip from one end of town to the other, most of us today, will plug the destination into our phone and let it decide how to best get to the other side in the best way.

In more and more areas we use the same strategy. Places and business are more and more entering their ambitions into the global digital expert systems and waiting for the systems to tell us all what to do.

If this is good or bad is one of the most debated things today. It has consequences, but what consequences is hard for us to grasp.

The hand of technology drawing

I wanted to somehow sketch up a situation to show how Artificial Intelligence is taking decisions – or at least telling us how to take them – and I came to think about the way Face Recognition Software is used all ready today to identify both potential customers, talents and winners… and those that might be the opposite

illustration of robot hand with smart phone with portraits, face recognition of people evaluating them. drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt
Technology analyzing the potential of employed people, using artificial intelligence, big data and face recognition software

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