AI is ready, are we?

Soon most of us will become irrelevant, as technology can do more and more of our work, cheaper and better than us, 24/7 – without asking questions

Artificial Intelligence is taking over, what to do next

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt,

For hundred thousands of years we have been perfecting our niche, telling stories, walking trails, sitting in circles by the fire and connecting to the landscapes by walking through them, being together with those who mean the most to us

In the last few hundred years or so we have been replacing paths with roads and boots with cars, stretching the distance between everything that matters.

Grabbing ever more technology, products and screens, where we used to grab each others hands.

Sitting by computers, asking our questions to phones powered by artificial intelligence, waiting for answers telling us what to do next, what direction to move in and what lane, what fitness program, and what music to follow.

Maybe the time has come for us to get up, think AI might agree, without blinking…

Artificial intelligence is taking over, what to do next?
Artificial intelligence is taking over, what to do next?

for most of us it is time to get up, grab our pack and head on

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