tree and garden cut off as biodiversity art

As I watch how gardens throw out thousand of tons of perfectly good and bio rich tree and garden cut off every year I wonder – could we mimic river flooding, and use all this to create amazing biodiversity hotspots close to our cities by collecting and building art of this?

Recycling trees and garden plants as art for nature

Text and idea by Frits Ahlefeldt

Every year huge amounts of fine plants and trees are removed from gardens in the suburbs around the cities. Much of this is burned or fill up landfills with toxic materials  – But could it be otherwise, could we collect and use this organic material to mimic the important landscape dynamics the rivers used to perform every spring, before we tamed the water

Here is an idea sketch of one of a thousand ways such a biodiversity mountain might look, combining architecture, art and garden cut off, to build ever changing nesting and living areas for animals, birds and plants and enrichment areas, where nature could use a hand

Concept sketch idea of a biodiversity sculpture, made from local garden cut off. idea by Frits Ahlefeldt
Biodiversity sculpture that will slowly mature and turn into a natural hill over 50-100 years. While changing and housing countless species, including endangered ones

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