Three visitor types

Seeing places in different ways – sketch of three different types of visitors – The Outdoor type, The cultural Type and the Eating Type

Running, learning or eating – three perspectives

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

We look at the world in countless ways, still it sometimes make sense to narrow them down into a few main archetypes depending on the context – One such context is in some local places, when new people come to town

Three kinds of visitors to a place – one way to segment people

One of the most used ways to do this is to see people as one of three:

  • Outdoor types, coming to be in the landscapes, hiking, sail, bike or in other ways connect mainly to nature
  • Cultural types, curious about the cultural layers in the local place, the old mill, the ruin up the hill, the battle that once happened there.
  • Eating types, have a slightly different perspective, they are in town because they are hungry – in more than the basic way. Relational eating is fast becoming one of most trendy things and the group of people who eat to relate to a place is on the rising.
Tourist types
Tourist types. Drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Keywords. segmentation, tourism, visitors, archetype, foodie, culturefreak, outdoorfreak

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