Music as space

Space is not only created in what we can feel and see, but more than we realize – also in sounds

Creating places out of sounds

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

“if I can’t see it, it is not real” is something often heard – but is it true? – At night strange sounds can feels very real, the sounds of footsteps tells us a lot about who is walking, some can even tell people apart on the way the sounds they make identify them – the world of sounds might be more real than science realize

Our experienced reality consist of way more than we see. Just a few notes of a long forgotten romantic sound can bring memories back. Scary sounds can sends cascades of fear down our spines and the cry of a baby alert us, even though deep asleep.

Sounds can do way more than most of us realized and now not only musicians, filmmakers and record turning DJ’s are starting in paradoxical ways to open their eyes to all sounds can do. Museums are making sound installations, and scenography based on sounds instead of card-box and written descriptions. Offices are hiring sound architects and psychologist prescribing sound-therapy and healing – Sounds are entering modern reality in new and also in ancient, but forgotten ways, from before the world got all visual and text based.

Just a few hundred years ago almost nobody could read – sounds made all the difference in storytelling, in churches and in dancing

Music as space. Drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt
Music as space

Keywords: sound, soundscape, music, feeling, reality, sensation, experience

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