Understanding Circular economy

Experimenting with re-creating circular reality as understanding

text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Today many are talking about circular economy and it is spreading – in circles 🙂 to other areas. All inspired by how we understand nature, the great master of circularity

From circular plastic to circular storytelling and reality, circular is one of the latest buzzwords and ways to understand the world and in workshops and stories I hear the concept of understanding in circles more and more.

In nature all is circles, at least that is what we hear from stories told since ancient times. Storytelling circularity is one of the great themes in the ways we explain reality, it is the idea that the start and the finish of many of our stories is in the same place. The main character ventures out in the beginning to come back home in the end. Th circle of life, reincarnation and the wheel om the cosmos are all circular stories

Stories also used to be told in circles, sitting around the fire, or around the storyteller, people would sit and listen. Now when we start, in our complicated modern linear reality, to experiment with circularity, it is bound to get complicated.

In the classic industrial storytelling we talk about “upstream” and “downstream” – reality is not described in circles but as rivers. Where the producer is up and the consumers down the line… waiting for products and services to flow our way.

To live in more sustainable ways we need to close the circle – and this is what this drawing i about. How we sit there, not all sure about this circularity… waiting to see what the expert chef has cooked up now


Circular economy - people sitting in circle example. Drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Creating circular storytelling is more difficult in reality, than in thought, here is the texted version of the drawing:

Circular economy - people sitting in circle with product circle too. Drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

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